Saturday, July 20, 2019

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A TV Show that is Appropiate for a Younger Audience Wishbone: A Little Dog with a Big Imagination â€Å"Printed Paws of Thieves" With his uncanny knowledge of famous authors, a little dog-named Wishbone is one very smart canine. The Wishbone television series has been created to introduce children to classic literature and encourage a love for reading books. The half-hour, live-action series, designed primarily for elementary school children between the ages of 6 and 12, represents an entirely new concept in educational programming. As children watch Wishbone the dog’s adventure in the world of literature, they will come away with their first taste of classic literature as well as a desire to learn more. The series stars Wishbone the dog, â€Å"a little dog with a big imagination,† who serves as a canine bridge between life and literature. Portrayed in the series by a real Jack Russell terrier, Wishbone the dog represents an articulate, clever and funny character, whose every thought, is heard by the audience. Each episode presents a different literary classic, introduced through Wishbone the dog’s active imagination and fantasies. For example in the episode â€Å"Printed Paws of Thieves† which presents the story of Robin Hood, Joe Talbot the 12-year old owner of Wishbone almost gets suspended when he helps the school lunch lady donate leftover food to a local shelter. Meanwhile, Wishbone as Robin Hood risks arrest when he robs from the rich to give to the poor. In this episode, Wishbone is wearing the typical outfit we think of Robin Hood wearing a Brown leather two-piece outfit carrying a bow and arrow and a feathered cap. Wishbone portrays the character, Robin Hood as if how we would perceive him in the classic literature story. Throughout this episode Wishbone and the other characters, Joe Talbot, David (Joe’s best friend), and Samantha (a neighborhood friend of Joe’s and David’s), reinforce the primary literary themes explored in â€Å"Robin Hood.à ¢â‚¬  Wishbone the dog represents the imaginative, playful child inside all of us. Through his wild adventures and heroic stunts, children will be introduced to some of the greatest literary works of literature. This PBS series provides a challenge for children to read, by providing signature scenes, the basic characters, and themes from classic literature without presenting the entire story so children will want to learn more about the story. It provides a foundation for the children to apply what they already know about the story from the Wishbone series to the actual classic literary form of the story so they will comprehend the story better.

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